Guest of Honor

A cat. Our guest of honour is a cat. A very loud and artistic cat!

Meet Pudge! She is an artist and fursuiter from Ireland. Also she dances; the first time you got to see her moves was at Just Fur The Weekend in 2017. An amazing performance. So watch out, there might be something to look out for!

She is an incredible artist, you might have seen the art on our website, yes that is by her!

Here's what Pudge has to say about herself:


I guess you're wondering who the heck I am - who let this dumb cat use a keyboard?

Well, my name is Pudge, and I'm a full-time furry artist and part-time house cat in Ireland.

A lot of people have told me they often wonder if that’s a person under the suit, or an actual cat - I can thank my 'crazy cat lady' life for that! I've always adored felines, big and small. When I was a kid, I'd wrap tissue paper around my waist and pretend it was a tail. Who knew I'd grow up being a furry and finding this wonderful community?

Because of this community too, I'm living my dream of being a full time artist. Naps whenever I want, having zoomies without co-workers looking at me strangely, climbing to the highest part of the house and knocking stuff over without anyone getting cross? Whoops! I mean, working with so many unique individuals and bringing their ideas to paper, that’s the rewarding part!

You'll see me on the convention floor, causing a stir as usual with my loud meows, or doing something I really shouldn't do like stand on a table and demand attention, and if the con floor is quiet, know I've probably got my trusty iPad in paw and sketching up something new.

I look forward to meeting ya'll!

Social Media

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