Guest of Honor

Our guest of honour this year is Rivalmit, an artist from Slovenia.

Rivalmit does mostly traditional art with the emphasis on sculpting for the last 7 years along with acrylic painting and water colours. She's mostly known for her sculptures of all kinds of creatures but mostly dragons.

On the side she also does jewelry, masks and costumes, dolls, puppets, digital paintings, comics and animations.

Rivalmit is not going to many conventions, but one where you can always find her is Eurofurence. The only problem is actually finding her. Here's what Rivalmit has to say about herself:

Have you heard of the small country Slovenia? Probably not but I can tell you it exists because I live there! My name is Rivalmit and I am an Artist.

My life has been passionately connected to art since as long as I can remember. My first word was probably brush, or paint, or paper. From what I was told, I even took my mother's lipstick and drew on the walls with it. No blank white surface was safe. I never limited myself to a single practice and tried and still do traditional painting with different media, digital painting, sculpting, puppet and fursuit making. Sizes range from tiny cute characters to huge dragon wall murals. More recently I focused on sculpting because that is what people like to see from me. I teach what I learned and explored in panels on furry conventions.

The fandom means art, creativity, fun, friends.The fandom enabled me to do what I can do best as a freelance artist. It's great to give the fandom something back by making these wonderful characters into reality. Their characters mean incredibly much to a lot of furries and having these sitting next to them as a real touchable object makes the connection even stronger.

Social Media

If you'd like to find out more about Rivalmit, go ahead and check out here social media channels: