The Vaihingen/Enz Animal Shelter was founded on December 18, 1993. It is currently being run by Anneliese Petzold on a voluntary basis, with the support of 95 additional volunteers who also contribute their time and love to care for our furry residents.

Every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, our dedicated volunteers are scheduled in shifts to provide their services. Currently, we house approximately 50 cats, five dogs, and numerous small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, as well as birds like budgerigars, all of whom are provided with everything they need. They are all seeking new homes, and until they find them, they are fed, cleaned, and pet by us every morning and evening. Our dogs get their daily walks in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. In addition, all the animals' enclosures are cleaned, vet visits for sick animals are arranged, emergencies are attended to, and much more.

Finding caring and loving new homes for our animal residents is our top priority. Therefore, we are here to assist potential new pet owners in our adoption efforts, to make both the animal and the human happy.

Such achievements would be nearly impossible without the dedicated help of our volunteers. In recent years, various challenges, especially the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation, have brought financial difficulties. In 2021, the Vaihingen/Enz Animal Shelter had around 300 new arrivals. Thus, we are incredibly grateful for the generous support of our donors and sponsors, as they help both us volunteers and our animal friends immensely.

How can I help the Vaihingen/Enz Animal Shelter?

During the convention, we are going to collect donations for the charity through multiple means. As usual, our fursuiters will have the opportunity to pick up donation boxes in the Fursuit Lounge. Please be generous and help us fill these boxes with donations; the more, the better!

Furthermore, there will be an information booth in the Dealers' Den where you can learn more about our charity and speak with the volunteers from the Vaihingen/Enz Animal Shelter. Naturally, you can also donate directly at the information booth (including via PayPal).

Join us for the "Meet the Charity" panel to get a closer look at the people and work behind the Vaihingen/Enz Animal Shelter. And during our charity auction, you will have the opportunity to place bids on unique auction items to further support the animal shelter and its volunteers.

If you want to donate items for the auction, just step by at the booth in the Dealers' Den during opening hours.

Donations via bank transfer

IBAN: DE 12 6045 0050 0008 6110 06

Donations via PayPal