Rules of Conduct

As a condition of attendance, all Furvester attendees are required to abide by these Rules of Conduct for the entire duration of their stay. Any questions or inquiries about any of these rules may be submitted prior to the convention to . Please understand that the Rules of Conduct are not up for debate during the convention. The Security Team, recognizable by their blue/yellow lanyards, will enforce these rules. If you have any problem with any action taken by a Furvester Team member you may take the matter up with the Head of Security or the Chairman. If you feel that you are in imminent danger, contact SecOps via the posted phone numbers in the convention spaces and Security will respond immediately.

At our convention, "Director" refers to department heads (wearing red lanyards), and "Crew" refers to convention personnel (wearing orange lanyards). Our First Aid Team will be recognizable by their blue/white lanyards.


  1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  2. Any action or behavior that causes significant interference with convention operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Furvester’s relationship with its guests, its venues or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in a expulsion from the convention. This general rule supersedes all others listed below and may be invoked at any time.
  3. Harassment of any kind, including physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome physical attentions, will not be tolerated. Nothing except continued explicit written or verbal agreement is considered consent. A fursuit is not consent.
  4. You are liable for any damage you might cause. As accidents happen, please take the initiative and inform a Director and/or Security of any damage.
  5. Instructions from the Directors, Security or the hotel personnel must be followed at all times. Any infringement may result in expulsion from the convention.
  6. If you are a driver and have made arrangements to transport other attendees, you are responsible for ensuring alternative transportation if you change your plans during the con.
  7. Any violation of these rules that also constitutes a breach of valid law will be escalated to the proper authorities (e.g. theft, harassment, weapons or controlled substance violations, etc.).
  8. The Hotel Reception will maintain the Lost & Found. Any items not picked up by 11:00 on late departure day will be placed in storage. These can be returned prior to the next convention if the owner coordinates pick-up or pays for shipment.

Clothing and Decency

  1. The fursuit lounge is meant as a safe haven for the fursuiters. Due to limited space, only fursuiters, Furvester Directors and Crew, hotel personnel, and one helper per fursuiter are allowed in. Others will be asked to leave. The fursuit lounge crew reserves the right to ask any person to remove themselves, or be removed, from the fursuit lounge.
  2. Displaying items made out of real fur or NSFW items (art, objects, etc.) is not permitted in public areas.
  3. You must wear shoes and/or fursuit paws when outside of your room.
  4. The following rules apply to costumes or accessories. When in doubt, please contact our Security prior to the convention . Decisions made during the convention by the Head of Security, after consulting with a second member of the Board of Directors, are final and not up for debate.
    1. Costumes and accessories are generally permitted if they neither harm nor endanger:
      1. Furvester
      2. the hotel or our relations with the hotel
      3. attendees (including Crew, other attendees, and yourself)
    2. The following items are never permitted outside of your private room
      1. Costumes or accessories that are visibly anatomically correct or indecently revealing the wearers own private anatomy
      2. Costumes, accessories, or gear whose primary function is sexual as opposed to fashion.
      3. Costumes, accessories, or other items made out of real fur.

Parties, Events, and Gatherings

  1. If you wish to host a private room party and wish to be discrete, you may leave a phone number, room number, and name of a contact person at SecOps. Decency and noise rules still apply, but in the event of a noise complaint or other necessary communication, Security will prioritize other contact methods to knocking.
  2. Noise in the hallways during nighttime hours needs to be kept at a low conversation volume. If your room is the loudest in the hallway, you will be asked to quiet down. All noise complaints will be acted upon.
  3. Security is required to clear out overcrowded rooms. For your own safety, we recommend keeping the occupancy below 10 in a regular room, or below 20 in a suite.
  4. All attendees are expected to clean up after themselves both in public spaces and in their rooms (e.g. after parties, confetti cannons, larger items of trash, etc.). Trash bags will be available at the hotel reception if required.


  1. The consumption of food and drink not purchased at the hotel is only allowed in your room.
  2. Under no circumstances are items made of glass permitted in the Main Stage during dances.
  3. Damaging the hotel inventory in the guest rooms will result in claims for compensation against the room owner.
  4. If you need to dispose of items discreetly, please contact ConOps or SecOps.
  5. It is prohibited to enter restricted areas of the hotel or the convention (e.g. backstage, convention storage areas, etc.).
  6. Disabling or tampering with fire detection devices or suppression equipment will result in an immediate expulsion and ban from the convention. Exceptions are allowed only when coordinated prior to the convention .
  7. Sleeping in the public areas (lobby, halls, bathrooms, bar, etc) is not permitted.
  8. Personal music players such as bluetooth speakers or boom boxes may not be used in a way that may disturb any bystanders.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to throw anything out of any windows, balconies or any other elevated location. If anything falls from the windows (items to dry, flags, etc.) it is the attendee’s responsibility to retrieve it, or have it retrieved.
  10. Any non-residential attendee (not staying at the hotel) is required to leave the hotel within 30 minutes after the final event of the night.
  11. Fursuits are not allowed in the pool or wellness areas and additionally in the restaurant and the breakfast room during meal times.


  1. You must be 18 years or older as of the first day of the convention to attend Furvester.
  2. Only registered attendees are allowed in the convention spaces.
  3. Your badge is only valid for you, may not be shared with another person, must be worn on display in the hotel's public areas at all times and must be presented and/or surrendered to Security upon request.
  4. When picking up your badge, a valid photo ID must be presented which matches the data entered during registration.
  5. Payments are non-refundable. A paid registration may be transferred prior to the convention by contacting .
  6. Changing or obscuring information on your badge is not allowed.


  1. Whether masks or vaccination will be required will depend on the regulations in effect at the time of the convention. Regardless, we recommend wearing an FFP2 or surgical mask in crowded areas.
  2. Depending on the regulations, a negative test might be required to enter the convention. Please note that if you test positive and still choose to come to the convention, you risk being banned.
  3. In case of cancellation we will refund the full ticket price. A possible vaccination requirement is not a cause for refund.
  4. We cannot be held liable for any events, actions or requirements which are beyond our control.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

  1. Any individual found to be in possession of or distributing illegal or controlled substances will be expelled from the convention and reported to the local authorities. This includes “legal highs” such as nitrous oxide.
  2. Smoking and vaping is only allowed in the designated areas outside of the building. If the smoke or vapor is detectable within the hotel, you may be asked to move. Please respect fursuiters when smoking or vaping.
  3. Alcohol consumption is allowed during the convention, but binge drinking and obnoxious behaviour will not be tolerated. Drinking to the point of requiring medical attention is grounds for a Final Warning.

Weapons and Fireworks

  1. Fireworks must carry a CE-sign and the code number 0589 to be allowed to use.
  2. For safety reasons it is not allowed to ignite fireworks or other kinds of explosives on hotel grounds.
  3. Fireworks must be used according to their instructions. Endangering yourself or other convention-goers with the improper use of fireworks will be brought up immediately with Security and/or the police to discuss further actions that might be necessary.
  4. We ask you kindly to keep fireworks away from fursuiters.
  5. You may not carry any weapons anywhere on the premises of the hotel or the convention center at any time. In this context, any object which is, according to its nature, suitable for inflicting injuries to persons or animals or to do damage to property will be considered a weapon. This includes items which are legal according to German weapon laws like e.g. Kubotans, pepper / CS spray, alarm guns (even with permit) and any other object deemed too dangerous by Security.
  6. All weapon look-alikes, LARP props, replicas, tools and weapon like toys must be approved immediately after your registration on site. Please take them to SecOps for approval. The Security Board reserves the right to confiscate any item not used in accordance with the conditions of its approval, or if an item causes damage or injury to any person or property. Confiscated items will be available for pick-up upon departure or at SecOps on late departure day prior to 11:00.
  7. Security may require your weapon to be peace-bound. Tampering with the peace bonding will invalidate the clearance immediately.
  8. No water pistols, silly string, or any thrown or projectile-type toy may be used inside the hotel without prior written permission from a member of the Security Board.
  9. Mock fights, swordplay, fire breathing or similarly dangerous activities are not allowed. Exceptions for staged events may be granted by the Head of Security. Please inquire ahead of time - preferably before the convention.

Photography and video

  1. Furvester reserves all rights to photos and videos taken during the convention, with the exception of material from private rooms.
  2. You are granted the right to use all photos and videos you've taken for private and/or non-commercial usage.
  3. Using media in for-profit publications requires written permission by one of our Directors. This permission may be requested by submitting the material in question to .
  4. The media team of Furvester can film and take photos in all public areas for the use of publication. All pictures and videos taken by the media team may be used in such publications without release or compensation. Only in case of expected privacy will a release be required for such media.
  5. It is prohibited to film or take photos in the fursuit lounge.
  6. Other restrictions and rules may apply for certain events, as posted on location. Please ask a Crew member or Director for clarification.