For the first time, we decided to add a convention theme to Furvester. As we didn't want to get away from the winter nature of our convention, we choose Snowy Paradise as our theme for this year!

It became winter and the small furries were excited, as the winter time finally arrived. It became November and then December, but yet there was no snow in sight. Bit by bit the furries lost their excitement, but one morning when the sun was shining you could hear one of them yelling "come out, come out, it is snowing!".

You could see all the furries running out of their houses, and there was snow lying everywhere. On the roofs, on the street and on all the trees. All of them got busy make snowball fights and building snowmen. After the sun set in the evening and the furries had a lot of fun during the day outside, the best thing was enjoying a hot chocolate at the chimney fire.