Convention Rules


  1. A polite and civilized contact is desired, but taunts and brawling are not.
  2. Damaging other people's property is prohibited. In case you damage something accidentally, please tell a member of the security or the organizers. This will result in less trouble for everyone involved.
  3. It is prohibited to enter restricted areas of the hotel or the convention.
  4. Only DJs and organizers are allowed to enter the DJ area.
  5. Instructions from the organizers, security or the hotel personal has to be followed.
  6. In case one disobeys the house regulations or the instructions of the organizers, security or the hotel personal, they have to expect a ban from the current and future conventions.
  7. Wearing fetish clothing is only allowed to a limited extend. It may not be obnoxious and has to fit to your outfit.

Fursuits and clothing

  1. Real fur fursuits and taxidermied animals are not allowed.
  2. When wearing your fursuit outside of the fursuit lounge, you should make sure that no skin is visible. For instance, you should not wear short paws together with just a t-shirt.
  3. The fursuit lounge is meant as a safe haven for the fursuiters, thus only fursuiters and organizers should enter it. Photography and filming is strictly prohibited in this area. Each suiter may bring one helper with them.


  1. You may bring your own drinks and food, but it is not allowed to consume it in the public hotel area. For consumption in the hotel or convention area, please use the restaurant or the bar of the hotel.
  2. Only use the rooms of the hotel in a sane manner. Damaging the inventory will result in claims for compensation against the room owner.


  1. For attending Furvester you must be 18 years or older as of the first day of the convention.
  2. The convention badge must always be carried visibly.
  3. When picking up your badge, a valid photo ID must be presented which matches the data entered during registration.
  4. Payments are not refundable. A paid registration can be transferred to another person though. Please contact us directly for this.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

  1. Consumption and sale of drugs is not allowed and will result in an instant ban from the convention.
  2. Smoking is only allowed outside of the building. Please take care of the fursuiters.
  3. Alcohol consumption is allowed during the convention, but binge drinking and obnoxious behaviour will not be tolerated.

Weapons and fireworks

  1. It is not allowed to bring any kind of weapons with you. An exception are nerf and larp weapons, which must be registered at con ops.
  2. Fireworks must carry a CE-sign and the code number 0589 to be allowed to use.
  3. For safety reasons it is not allowed to ignite fireworks or other kinds of explosives in the convention area.
  4. Fireworks must be used according to their instructions.
  5. We ask you kindly to keep fireworks away from fursuiters.

Photography and video

  1. We reserve all rights to photos and videos taken during the convention, with the exception of material from private rooms.
  2. You are granted the right to use all photos and videos you've taken for private and/or non-commercial usage.
  3. Using media in for-profit publications requires written permission by one of our staff members.
  4. The media team of Furvester can film and take photos in all public areas for the use of publication. All pictures and videos taken by us may be used in such publications without release or compensation. Only in case of expected privacy will a release be required for such media.
  5. It is prohibited to film or take photos in the fursuit lounge.
  6. Other restrictions and rules may apply for certain events, as posted on location.